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Behavioral Science

"Human First" Financial Guidance



Channeling the disciplines of behavioral finance, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence, we combine modern evidence-based research to inspire better decisions, sturdier habits, and elevated wellbeing.

There exists an evolutionary mismatch in the way we are wired that causes enduring difficulties in our financial lives. It's not that we are inherently irrational. Actually, these numerous cognitive "biases" reflect normal, adaptive human behavior, not flaws.

Money and financial planning can be contentious subjects, and separating your cognitive and emotional frictions from your finances is easier said than done. 

Our role is to help you recognize the human mindset and free you to succeed. Whether it be optimizing that which already exists or imagining and building that which is yet to come, we are ready to help you flourish.

We all have cognitive biases, emotional influences, and social factors that often lead us to make suboptimal choices when it comes to investing and managing our finances.

We work to empower you to make better financial decisions.


We use our deep understanding of human behavior and expertise in behavioral finance to understand your challenges and build creative solutions.

Behavioral finance has emerged as a critical discipline offering valuable insights into the complex world of investor behavior. By acknowledging and addressing behavioral biases, we can improve investment strategies, guide you through emotional challenges, and ultimately enhance long-term life outcomes.

Please contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge behavioral science platform can benefit you.

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